We instruct, repair and maintain all your IT devices in order to make them work better. We work on computers, smartphones and tablets, including Apple computers, iPhone, and iPad.

  • We repair your computer and replace parts if necessary.

  • We restore your access to e-mail, Facebook etc when you have lost your login passwords.

  • We make sure your devices work faster again.

  • We update Windows / OSX and your programs.

  • We make your devices more secure.

  • We advise you when buying new devices.

  • We install the programs you want to use.

  • We install printers.

  • We ensure you can have WiFi everywhere in your home.

  • We help you with internet  and telephone connections.

And much more!

Call us without obligation!

Call us even when your problem is not mentioned in the list above! We can tell you if we can help, or we can refer you to another specialist.